Periodontal CRP

Periodontal CRP

Periodontal diseases are inflammatory diseases that affect the gums that hold the teeth. CRP or  C-reactive protein is a plasma protein that helps in the detection of inflammation in the gums. It helps to detect chronic periodontitis in patients. The levels of CRP helps dentists to make decisions regarding the diagnosis, monitoring, and therapy for gum diseases. OC Advanced Periodontics has efficient periodontists who attend dental emergencies and provide the best care to the patients.

Symptoms That Call for a CRP Test

The dentist requests for a CRP test if there are signs or symptoms of dental infections or inflamed gums. Fever and chills are significant signs of the disease. Rapid breathing and rapid heart rate can also be signs of infections in the mouth. 

How is the Test Done?

CRP protein, which is made by the liver, can be tested through blood. A CRP test helps in measuring the level of CRP in the body. An increased level of the protein shows a high chance of infection. This information helps the dentist to see if an infection is present in the blood. 

What does CRP detect?

The C-reactive protein helps to show severe bacterial infections in the body. It also detects fungal or viral infections and inflammatory diseases in the body. The test is done during treatment to assess its effectiveness. A decreased level of CRP shows that the inflammatory conditions have been resolved through periodontal treatment. 

Periodontal Evaluation using CRP

Being a diagnostic marker in chronic periodontitis patients, the variation in CRP level can be monitored until the inflammation subsides. The patient would be advised to follow instructions that can aid in reducing the CRP level. Treating gum diseases at the right time using the CRP test can be beneficial in reducing the chances of the spread of infection. 

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