Minimally Invasive Periodontal Care

Minimally Invasive Periodontal Care

Periodontal diseases are one of the common reasons for tooth loss. Gum ailments such as gingivitis and periodontitis caused due to harmful oral bacteria can lead to the deterioration of the gum tissues. If the gum diseases are not addressed on time can eventually cause jawbone decline, root canal infections, other health disorders, and maybe even loss of teeth. At OC Advanced Periodontics in Tustin, California, we provide minimally invasive periodontal care to help you maintain healthy gums and a beautiful, well-functioning smile.

Periodontal Care at OC Advanced Periodontics 

Scaling and Root Planing
Scaling and root planing is the first line of treatment for gum diseases. It is a deep cleaning process of your tooth-root surfaces and is performed using dental scaler tools. First, Dr. Patrick Huston will scrape beneath the gum line to remove the plaque deposits and bacterial toxins from the periodontal pockets. 
Root planing allows us to smooth the tooth roots to prevent the future build-up of microbes. This makes it easy for the gums to reattach themselves to the clean surface of the teeth. In addition to scaling and procedure, you will have to avail regular teeth cleaning to sustain your gum health.

Bite Adjustment
If some of your teeth feel loose, they may need to be safeguarded from the chewing and biting pressures, particularly if you have teeth-grinding or clenching habits. With bite correction procedures, Dr. Patrick Huston will carefully reshape minute portions of the tooth enamel surface to change how the upper and lower teeth meet each other, thus reducing their movements and impact. If you have a teeth-clenching habit, we can provide a bite guard to protect your teeth. 

Medication can also be used to treat periodontal diseases. Arestin is a powerful drug placed under the infected gum tissues. After the root planing procedure, Arestin helps kill the bacterial organisms that may still be present under the gums. People who suffer from chronic periodontal diseases or deep gum pockets can benefit from this treatment. However, it offers short-term relief and does not provide a complete cure.

Laser Therapy
Laser therapy can be incredibly beneficial in periodontal disease treatments. It involves using a powerful laser to vaporize the diseased gum tissues and seal the wound immediately. Lasers offer an excellent alternative for the surgical removal of infected gum tissues. They almost completely eliminate pain during the process and are known to be highly effective and safe.

Gum health is vital for your oral and overall well-being.

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