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It can be pretty distressing to lose a tooth, especially when something unexpected happens, such as breaking a tooth that cannot be saved. It is even more traumatic when a front tooth goes missing and impacts the smile's natural appearance. One way to reduce the panic and get them looking normal as quickly as possible is through emergency implants. Fortunately, at OC Advanced Periodontics in Tustin, CA 92780, we offer emergency, same-day dental implants to restore your smile quickly.

What Are Emergency Dental Implants?

Emergency dental implants offer a quick solution to replace a missing tooth. The reasons for tooth loss can include decay or unexpected dental trauma. Emergency implants include the placement of implant posts and prosthetic teeth all in one visit. A tiny metal post is inserted into the jawbone, creating a solid base on which a replacement porcelain crown is attached. Our emergency implants will help restore your smile and functionality so that you don't have to walk around with a toothless beam. 

Benefits of Emergency Implants

Emergency implants allow you to have an immediate fix for your broken smile. Other benefits include:

  • They restore your smile appearance instantly
  • Improved ability to eat and drink
  • Your self-confidence is reinstated
  • Decreased healing time
  • No extensive treatment duration
  • Eliminates pain and recovery time

Who Qualifies for Emergency Implants?

Unfortunately, not all of you can qualify for emergency dental implants. For instance, we may have to wait for the affected area to heal before the placement of the dental implants to ensure its success.

You may also need to have sufficient bone tissue in the jawbone to support the implant. Instead, if that is not available, we may recommend a tooth-supported crown, bone graft, or a dental bridge. Otherwise, anyone with a missing or broken tooth can qualify for emergency dental implants.

What Is the Recovery From Emergency Implants?

The recovery from emergency dental implants is the same as the other dental treatments. The implant area may feel tender and swollen for a few days, but this should ease after a while. You may also feel some pain and discomfort, but this can be controlled with pain medication. It would help to avoid chewing with the new tooth for several weeks, as the implant needs time to fuse with the jawbone. Overall, your dental implants should be completely healed in three to four months.

If you lose a tooth suddenly, don't allow yourself to walk around in embarrassment for months or weeks. Try our emergency implant service to get a quick, effective, and permanent solution to address your toothless grin. To learn more, visit our OC Advanced Periodontics office at 1076 E 1st St STE F, Tustin, CA 92780. You can also reach us at (714) 730-7877 and schedule an online appointment.


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