If you have experienced bone loss in your upper jaw, then have our periodontists restore it by performing a sinus lift graft. Through this minimally-invasive procedure, Dr. Huston will renew bone structure so your mouth will be able to support dental implants. Call our team at OC Advanced Periodontics if you are interested in receiving a sinus lift graft in Tustin, California.

In some cases, there is not enough bone height to place a dental implant in the upper jaw. If this is the case, the sinus membrane is carefully lifted and a bone graft is placed to support the dental implant.

If an upper molar or premolar is lost, the sinus may need to be gently lifted and a bone graft placed beneath it. After the bone graft solidifies, a dental implant can be successfully placed.

When periodontal disease or other conditions cause jaw bone loss, you will have a weaker jaw that is unable to support dental implants. This is especially the case near the back part of the upper jaw, which has less bone tissue than the lower jaw in the first place because of the structure of your skull. If you want to receive dental implants in your upper jaw, we can make it possible by performing a sinus lift graft.

Also called a sinus augmentation, this procedure involves the placement of bone grafting material between your upper jaw and maxillary sinuses. The graft material that promotes bone growth can either come from your own body, a human cadaver, or a cow. We will begin this procedure by injecting a local anesthetic and making an incision in your gum tissue. After carefully lifting your sinus membrane, we will place the graft in the space created, and then suture your gum tissue. Dental Implants can be done simultaneously with a sinus lift. Please contact our team if you are interested in receiving a sinus lift graft.