We can restore the beauty, structure, and function of your smile when you visit OC Advanced Periodontics for dental implants. Our periodontists will place an implant to replace a tooth root and support the crown that restores the tooth missing from your smile. Schedule a visit with Dr. Huston if you are interested in receiving dental implants in Tustin, California.

Implant-supported dentures can provide stability to dentures, allowing you to eat and speak properly. They can also preserve the jawbone from shrinking.

A dental implant can replace a lost tooth, restoring the mouth to its optimal function. A dental implant also restores the roots of the tooth, giving it a stable footing.

A dental implant can restore a tooth to its proper shape and function. It can also preserve the tooth root and the surrounding tissue.

A bone graft uses your own bone or synthetic bone to repair an area of the jaw that is missing bone structure. Depending on your needs, our dentists may use a bone graft in order to place a dental implant.

If you need to replace all of the teeth in your upper or lower jaw, implant-supported dentures are an excellent choice. These combine the stability of a dental implant with the convenience of a removable denture.

A dental bridge or a dental implant can be used to restore a tooth. A dental bridge takes less time to complete, but a dental implant preserves tooth structure and replaces the tooth roots.