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We can’t emphasize enough how much healthy gums are for a confident smile. The gums perform a vital function as they surround and support your pearly whites. Unfortunately, periodontal disease is one of the biggest factors in tooth loss for adults. This is scary because gum disease itself can be painless, so unless you are keeping up with routine dental visits, you may not even be aware that you have it. Since gum disease is degenerative, it will only get worse without treatment.

Fortunately, early treatment can stop gum disease in its tracks and even reverse it. In the early stage, signs that you might have gingivitis include red, swollen or bleeding gums. Treatment at this stage includes stepping up your oral hygiene routine–brushing at least twice each day and flossing at least once, followed by a professional dental cleaning.

At OC Advanced Periodontics, we are pleased to offer periodontal maintenance for our patients experiencing gum disease. This maintenance means visiting our office on a regular basis, typically once every three months, for a professional cleaning. With advanced periodontitis, depending on the severity of the condition, in addition to regular professional dental cleanings and improved at-home oral hygiene, Dr. Patrick L. Huston, DDS, MSD may recommend antibiotic treatment, scaling and root planing, or gum surgery.

If you have concerns about your gums, please call 714-795-3117 today. At OC Advanced Periodontics in Tustin, California, Dr. Patrick L. Huston, DDS, MSD and our team are prepared to help you achieve optimal oral health along with a confident smile!