Why Should You Go to a Regular Checkup?

Posted by OC Advanced Periodontics on Dec 23 2021, 07:37 AM

Why Should You Go to a Regular Checkup?

A dental checkup is essential for your long-term dental health and should be performed every six months. Patients who come in for regular dental checkups are less likely to face significant dental problems requiring extensive treatment. 

And this is only one of the reasons our dentists at OC Advanced Periodontics at Tustin, CA, recommend regular dental checkups. Keep reading to find out more. 

Why Are Dental Checkups Important? 

The main reasons dental checkups are important include the following:

1. Dental Checkups Help Control Plaque and Tartar Accumulation and Cavities

Even the most conscientious individual might overlook cleaning the difficult-to-reach areas of the mouth. Cleaning the back molars, for example, is notoriously tough. During a dental checkup, your dentist will carefully check for plaque and tartar accumulations and early signs of tooth decay and recommend the appropriate treatment.

2. Regular Dental Checkups Help Prevent Gum Disease

Generally, gum disease's early stages are symptom-free. This makes gum disease difficult to detect. Fortunately, dentists have been educated to detect gum disease even when it attempts to conceal itself.

During your checkup, the dentist will examine to see if the gums are firm and examine your mouth for signs of swelling, receding gums, and deep gum pockets. If the dentist notices any of these concerning signs, they will address the underlying reason.

3. Checkups Include Oral Cancer Screenings

During your checkup, the dentist will examine the mouth for abnormalities and signs of oral cancer. A cancer exam is referred to as a VELscope exam, it takes only minutes to complete, and is painless.

Patients who see their dentist every six months and get this examination have a minimal chance of getting late-stage oral cancer.

4. Routine Checkups May Help Identify General Health Problems

Head and neck exams are often included in dental checkups. The dentist will look for swelling, lumps, deformities, and other abnormalities in the lymph nodes, neck, and jaws. If a problem is discovered, the dentist will direct the patient to the relevant medical specialist.

These are only some of the reasons why you should get regular dental checkups. To learn more and schedule your dental checkup, contact OC Advanced Periodontics at Tustin, CA, at (714) 730-7877 or 1076 E 1st St STE F, Tustin, CA 92780. 

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