HelpfuTips for Managing Dental Anxiety in Kids

Posted by OC Advanced Periodontics on May 11 2023, 06:08 AM

HelpfuTips for Managing Dental Anxiety in Kids

Dental anxiety is the fear of the dentist or of dental procedures. Dental anxiety often stems from a negative experience in the past, such as a past traumatic dental visit. Dental anxiety can cause anxiety and stress, which can make it difficult for children and adults alike to receive dental care. Here are a few tips that can help manage dental anxiety in kids. 

Tips for Managing Dental Anxiety in Kids

Children with healthy teeth have a better chance of having a healthy mouth throughout their life. So instilling proper oral hygiene is vital at a young age. Below are tips for managing your child's anxiety at the dentist's office:

  • Start Dental Visits While They're Young

As soon as your child's first tooth appears, it's time to make an appointment with a dentist so your child can be evaluated for any signs of baby bottle tooth decay. Early checkups are absolutely necessary so they can create an action plan to prevent cavities and other oral care issues before they arise.

  • Take a comforting item to the dentist's appointment

It's also a good idea to take along a toy like a stuffed bear or another fun friend to play with in the waiting room. Playing with toys is a great way to pass the time while you're waiting. It also helps take their mind off of the reason they made the appointment in the first place. A stuffed animal or other comfort item can help your child feel comfortable during their visit. It will give them something to hold and hug while they're in a new place. The item should be small and easy to transport but large enough to give the child a sense of security and comfort.

  • Read stories or play games involving dentist visits

Dentists are there to help, and your child shouldn't fear them. Reading books with a positive message about dentists can be helpful for kids who have anxiety and are nervous about their visit. You can even act out different scenes from the book to help kids learn the importance of the dentist's office. You can also play pretend games that mimic a dentist's office visit, such as using puppets and even stuffed animals. This will help children get more comfortable with the idea of going to the dental office.

  • Teach Kids the Importance of Great Oral Health and Lead by example

Children learn by watching their parents and imitating their actions. So make sure you're setting a good example when it comes to taking care of your own teeth! Brushing, flossing and regular trips to the dentist will do wonders for children's oral health as well.

By following these simple tips and maintaining a good oral health routine, you can help your child have the best dental experience. 

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