A Patient’s Introduction to Periodontics

Would you like to know the basics of periodontics? Well, Dr. and our expert team at are happy to tell you about it! A periodontist is a dentist who has had extra training so as to treat periodontal disease. They may place dental implants, treat gum inflammation, and perform cosmetic periodontal procedures. Periodontists complete three… Read more »

Treating Gum Disease Can Help Your Oral Health

Periodontal disease, more commonly known as gum disease, is a serious, yet often-found infection of the gums that can lead to tooth loss if it is not treated. In its preliminary stages, gum disease can exist as gingivitis, often with very little visible signs of infection occurring. Spotting gum disease early on is essential to… Read more »

General Information About Gum Disease

Spotting the early warning symptoms of gum disease is crucial in treating the illness. In its initial stages, gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, can develop into gingivitis. As the disease evolves, it can turn more serious, and lead to the eventual destabilization of your gums and cause your teeth to completely fall out…. Read more »

Considering Dental Implants?

So you’ve heard of dental implants. You’re doing the research to find out whether a dental implant may be the right fit for you. Our team here at OC Advanced Periodontics in Tustin, California is happy to offer you any data you may need to make an informed decision. Let’s start with the basics. Dental… Read more »

The Best Smiles are Possible with Gum Disease Care

If your gum tissue becomes infected over time, it is known as periodontal disease or gum disease. If it is left untreated, it can advance and progress past gingivitis and into severe gum disease, which can result in the loss of teeth. Preventing gum disease is a key component of healthy smiles. The best smiles… Read more »

Teeth and Gums 101: Gum Disease

Periodontal disease, often referred to as gum disease, is a serious disease often found in people who have poor dental health. The disease can do considerable damage to your mouth and to your overall health if it is left untreated, so it is important to seek out the appropriate dental care to diagnose, and/or treat… Read more »

Why Do My Gums Bleed Regularly?

If you’re concerned because your gums tend to bleed, you have come to the right blog. It’s best to discover the underlying cause of your bleeding gums rather than ignore the pink in the sink. To help you, Dr. and our dental team would like to teach you about a few of the reasons why… Read more »

A Dental Implant Can Be Used to Replace a Tooth Lost to Untreated Decay

Once the natural bacteria living in your mouth manage to create a cavity, it will gradually start to spread. If you choose to forgo treatment, a small cavity could develop into a very large problem. In time, the compromised tooth could fracture near the gumline or become so badly infected that it needs to be… Read more »

What Causes Dental Erosion?

The hard, outer layer of your teeth is called enamel. It is important to support the health of your enamel to protect your teeth and prevent decay. Dental erosion occurs when the enamel is worn away. Dental erosion can be caused by diets high in sugary or acidic foods, forceful abrasion, like teeth-grinding, or disorders… Read more »

A Dental Cleaning and Oral Hygiene Improvements Can Prevent Gum Disease from Recurring

The symptoms and ramifications from gum disease can be serious and will escalate over time. The earliest stage, known as gingivitis, can cause the gums to bleed easily during brushing and flossing. This can also cause the gums to look red and even lead to bad breath issues. Gingivitis is primarily caused by, an inconsistent… Read more »